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News of our death have been greatly exaggerated

Okay, I admit it, the project has been stalled for quite a while. But rest assured, we're not dead quite yet. I am going to find some time to work on the project in the next weeks or months. Show your interest! E-Mail me to bug me about the project! Tell me your ideas! Tell me you love me! ;-)

PS: I'm still taking names for beta-testers, but at the moment i've got nothing new to show you guys. Hang in there! Next version will allow you to create your own levels using a simple XML structure....

Screenshots and some news

The harsh Canadian winter is freezing the development of IOverFlow; Not much has happened lately.

Have a look at the ScreenShots section, I've added a few new screens.
I've added BASS support in IOverFlow; The game now reacts to the beat of the music playing. However it still needs loads of work....

Beta-testers wanted: I'm thinking of releasing a build of IOverFlow soon, to test the current code for hardware compatibility; If you're interested in becoming a beta tester please drop me a line.

Website online!

Welcome to IOverFlow Website! This site is under construction. Hopefully we will come up with a nicer web design eventually.
Please consult the links above to see what IOverFlow is all about.

The What is IOverFlow? page describes what the project aims to be.

The ScreenShots page shows off the current version's look and feel.

The No downloads available for the moment. section is not available as no official files have been released. (See the Project page)

The The IOverFlow network is not active at this moment. is another section of the site that does not exist yet.

The About this project page contains information on the current and future state of IOverFlow, as well as information on how you can contribute.

The Contact us tells you where to go if you want to join us, blame us, or simply talk to the people behind the project.

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